Shiny Cudweed

Gnaphalium spicatum

Shiny Cudweed can grow as either a summer annual or winter annual broadleaf weed or a biennial broadleaf weed. This highly versatile plant is also referred to as American Everlasting, Gnaphalum and Gnaphalium spicatum.






Shiny Cudweed is a vertically growing broadleaf weed with bright, shiny green leaves on the upper surface but is white and densely hairy underneath. Shiny Cudweed can also be identified by its basal leaves, which are very broad. Reproduction occurs by seeds.

Life Cycle

This broadleaf weed prefers dry sandy soils and is often found in parks, lawns, vacant lots and other disturbed urban areas. Native to South America, Shiny Cudweed also thrives in the southeastern part of the United States, as well as in California.

Life Cycle Image


Gnaphalium spicatum can be a troublesome weed to eliminate when relying solely on cultural weed control methods. This is an aggressive weed that is competitive against native species, harming grass and agriculture alike. Professionally applied broadleaf weed killers are the surest method for complete removal.


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