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Purslane Speedwell Illustration

Purslane Speedwell

Veronica peregrina

Purslane Speedwell is a winter annual broadleaf weed that is also known as Neckweed and Veronica peregrina.






Purslane Speedwell is a broadleaf weed with vertically growing branched stems radiating from the base of the plant. Lower leaves on non-flowering parts of the plant are opposite, petiolated and hairless. The upper leaves are alternate and much smaller than the lower leaves, which have fewer teeth. Purslane Speedwell also has a fibrous root system. Blooming from April through August, Purslane Speedwell produces tiny white flowers with four petals. Reproduction occurs by seeds.

Life Cycle

This broadleaf weed prefers moist soils and can be found in lawns and along roadsides and railroads. Purslane Speedwell thrives in much of North America.



Veronica peregrina in your lawn can be difficult and time-consuming to remove by hand. Other cultural weed control methods—including good lawn watering and mowing habits—are most effective when used in conjunction with professionally applied broadleaf weed killers.


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