Florida Pellitory

Parietaria floridana

Florida Pellitory most commonly grows as an annual broadleaf weed, but it can sometimes grow as a perennial broadleaf weed. This versatile plant is also known by its scientific name, Parietaria floridana.






Florida Pellitory can be identified by its round stems and leaves, which are watery, fleshy and pale-green in color. The leaves of this broadleaf weed are thin with a short, rounded tip. The leaves also have a unique identifying marker in three prominently raised veins underneath when fresh and clearly raised dots on the surface when dry.

Life Cycle

This broadleaf weed thrives in moist woods and shady areas. It can be found throughout much of the southeastern United States but can also grow as far west as Texas.

Life Cycle Image


Strong cultural practices, such as proper mowing and watering, can help prevent Parietaria floridana by creating dense grass, which inhibits this broadleaf weed's ability to grow. Physical removal (i.e., pulling weeds) can be effective, though you run the risk of spreading the seeds to additional areas of your lawn and landscaping.


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