Creeping Speedwell Illustration

Creeping Speedwell

Veronica filiformis

Creeping Speedwell is a vertically growing, creeping, perennial broadleaf weed that is also known as Slender Speedwell, Creeping Veronica and Whetzel Weed. Its scientific name is Veronica filiformis.








Creeping Speedwell can be identified by its stolons and stems, which are relatively slender and delicate, rooting at the nodes. The creeping stems create a shallow, fibrous root system. This broadleaf weed has small leaves with scalloped margins that remain green throughout the winter months. Another identifying feature of Creeping Speedwell is its attractive, light-blue to violet flowers. These flowers are the most likely reason why this broadleaf weed is often found for sale in nurseries and greenhouses.

Life Cycle

Creeping Speedwell thrives in shady areas with moist soils and good fertility. It can be found throughout the northeastern and northwestern parts of the United States. However, Slender Speedwell is sometimes sold in greenhouses as ground cover. This broadleaf weed can quickly spread from a flowerbed or garden, meaning a neighbor can unintentionally spread this pest to your lawn in any part of the country.

Life Cycle Image


Veronica filiformis is difficult to control using cultural methods such as proper mowing and watering routines. Raising your mowing height can sometimes be effective as it helps create a less competitive environment for your lawn.


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