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By TruGreen February 28, 2015
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A beautiful lawn is important because, in addition to being the neighborly thing to do and potentially adding value to your property, it provides great pleasure when relaxing and entertaining family and friends in a peaceful, inviting outdoor setting. It's where you teach your kids how to field a grounder and kick a soccer ball. These are many of the reasons why having a lawn service is so important.         

Lawn care services: a labor of love

As a homeowner, you know that a beautiful lawn doesn’t just happen; it has to be nurtured and protected against unsightly weeds, lawn damaging insects, lawn diseases and against everything that Mother Nature can throw at it, including drought. All of these are real and ever-present dangers to the health and beauty of your lawn. Apart from the harm they can do to your lawn’s appearance, they can create areas of dead grass, exposing bare earth that limits the use and the enjoyment of your lawn. In short, a plan of proper lawn maintenance is necessary for keeping your lawn healthy and lush.

It takes a lot of specialized knowledge to deal with the many things that can potentially damage your lawn. Most people don’t have the desire to become a lawn service expert. That’s why they look to trained specialists to provide lawn care services.

Tailored lawn service solutions

When considering a lawn service, look first to TruGreen®, an acknowledged lawn care services leader. TruGreen offers a full range of lawn services that provide comprehensive, science-based solutions and tailored care to meet your lawn’s specific needs. Their treatments are scheduled four to six weeks apart for optimal results.

Once you select a TruGreen plan that includes lawn maintenance services, a TruGreen PhD-certified specialist will conduct a Healthy Lawn Analysis®. This is the first step in a science-based approach to tailor a plan to achieve a lawn you’ll love. The result is that you get a greener, lush lawn faster and the time to enjoy it. Customers who sign up for a full TruGreen lawn service plan can also relax knowing that thei­­r lawn is protected by TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Guarantee®, which means a specialist will return to your property as many times as needed between scheduled visits to ensure your satisfaction.

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