New Year, New Lawn

By TruGreen January 6, 2019
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When the New Year comes around, it’s easy to start making promises to yourself that you may or may not keep. Our recommendation? Stop making promises to yourself and start making them to your lawn! We’ve got the resolutions along with tips on lawn maintenance to ensure that you have the best lawn year yet.

Resolution #1: Make a Plan!

Having a plan for taking care of your lawn is the first step in having a beautiful lawn in 2019. Creating a lawn care calendar can help you keep track of who is going to mow, if you’re going to have automatic sprinklers or water the lawn yourself, and what kind of TruGreen plan is right for you to ensure that your lawn stays healthy and is supported in growth all year long.

Resolution #2: Keep an Eye on Things!

You’ll want to inspect your lawn throughout the year for problem areas like pests, weeds or disease. These issues can come on suddenly and wreak havoc on a lawn that is unmonitored. If you are able to spot and treat these issues early, there is a better chance of your lawn thriving in 2019. Want a second set of eyes? Team up with TruGreen, and your specialist will help to keep tabs your lawn. Just check the service summary left on your door after each visit to see what we noticed and what we're doing about it.

Resolution #3: Water is Your Friend (well, your lawn’s friend)!

We all know how important watering is, but we also want to be conscious of when and how much we are watering throughout the year. Here’s our favorite trick, take an empty tuna can and place it on your lawn. Set a timer and keep an eye on the can as your sprinklers run, once the can is full of water turn it off. Notice how long it took to fill? That’s the amount of time you should be watering your lawn about 2-3 times per week. Live in an area that sees heavy rainfall? You’ll want to adjust your watering schedule accordingly giving your sprinkler a break when mother nature does the watering for you.

Resolution #4: Help Your Lawn Out!

We know lawns are living creatures right? Well then that lawn has GOT TO EAT. In 2019, you’ll want to be sure your providing your lawn with the proper nutrients to help it grow green and lush. That may feel overwhelming, but luckily you’ve got a friend in the biz. Lean on your TruGreen professional to help you come up with a fertilization, aeration and seeding schedule that will see your lawn through the year.

Resolution #5: Get Outside ‘Yo!

Lastly, this is the most important resolution you should make in 2019: spend more time outside! With a healthy and beautiful lawn, you’ve got the perfect backdrop for any activity you can think of doing. Look forward to spring picnics with the whole family. Summer barbecues that will have the whole neighborhood flocking to your backyard. Fall festivities like Halloween parties and Thanksgiving get togethers and those winter bonfires that keep you toasty and full of S’mores. Not to mention the endless games of tag, the summer slip-n-slide fun, the kite flying, the ball kicking and TONS of other activities the whole family can enjoy.

This is the year of green, and we can’t wait to see your lawn come to life. At TruGreen, we’re here to help you live life outside to the fullest and you can count on us. Interested in learning more about TruGreen services? We’ve got you. To learn more about how TruGreen can help give us a call at 866.688.6722 or visit our services page.

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