TruNeighbor Program

By TruGreen December 16, 2015

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Narrator: At TruGreen®, our mission is to improve the health and beauty of outdoor spaces everywhere, so people can live outside. For 42 years, TruGreen® has been driven by the belief that healthy lawns enhance our lives, communities and planet, and a commitment to create and protect beautiful outdoor green spaces. Our TruNeighbor Program is the cornerstone of that commitment, and through it TruGreen® has worked with partners on dozens of projects in communities across the country.

Jude Blackburn: Well for us, I mean it's important that we're involved in our communities. Uh, one, you know, we, we live and work here. Um, and you know, for TruGreen®, you know, we like to live life outside so we'll do whatever we can to help make sure everyone else can as well.

Myrna Newman: As an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, we were notified of this grant being available. Pretty Up Beachview had contacted us before about this particular project and it seemed like a good opportunity to work with them and enable them to get this done.

Denise Whetzel: We used to do litter pickups in the neighborhood and we could never pick up all the trash that was thrown into this empty lot because it was so overgrown. So it remained the neighborhood trash dump basically for years. And we would always walk by and just say, "oh, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could do something," you know, we could change it. It would make such a difference.

Narrator: We partner with national and community organizations, cities, local schools, and park districts to beautify, improve, and serve the communities where we live and work.

Jude Blackburn: Well here at, uh, the Ford School, uh, we came in and we basically had a field full of weeds that, a lot of uneven surfaces to where the kids weren't even able to run and play out there safely. So that's all been leveled out. Uh, the track has been put in, we've got some bleachers for them, as well as some exercise stations for the PE classes and the kids to play in.

Narrator: Together with our partners, we're reducing blight, revitalizing community parks, and building healthy green spaces throughout the U.S.


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