A Winning Infield Turf at DAYTONA

By TruGreen August 13, 2017

Find a transcribed version of this video below.

Andrew Gurtis: The visceral experience at a race. You can feel the vibration. You can smell the rubber and the gasoline fumes, and that's what gets people hooked. It is American thunder. A NASCAR race at Daytona, that's a year in the making. What goes along with that is how we get people parked, how they enjoy the stadium, and their experience here. We're making sure the grass is cut. If the grass isn't green, Daytona doesn't look as appealing a destination.

TruGreen's helping us out. They're in it to help us achieve our goals and want to make our jobs easier. It's gotta be perfect. Daytona prides itself on that and we partner with TruGreen® because they pride themselves on that.


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