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By TruGreen September 28, 2014
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Did you know that having a tree service you can rely on is as important as finding the right lawn maintenance plan for your home? Many of us tend to overlook the trees and shrubs in our yard, but the fact is that well-maintained trees are a vital part of the overall look and health of your lawn. Thankfully, when it comes to affordable tree service, TruGreen® is on the case.

Features and Benefits of TruGreen®'s Tree Service

When it comes to effective and affordable tree service, TruGreen has it covered. With science-based tree and shrub services customized for your yard's needs, TruGreen gets down to the root of the problems, helping your landscaping achieve the healthy look it deserves.

  • TruGreen's comprehensive Tree & Shrub Evaluation®, conducted by a TruExpert? Certified Specialist, gives them an overall picture of the health and condition of your trees. This enables your TruGreen certified specialist to get to know your landscape and determine what it needs to thrive.
  • TruGreen combines a variety of services such as targeted trunk injection, root zone fertilization and horticultural oil application to create a comprehensive, science-based treatment plan for your trees and shrubbery. No matter what your needs are, your certified specialist makes sure they are taken care of.
  • TruGreen's Tree & Shrub Guarantee® ensures that you are 100% satisfied with their tree and shrub services. In fact, they will schedule as many home visits as necessary to achieve the results you need.

What Customers are Saying about Tree and Shrub Services

The best part about finding that affordable tree service that helps you achieve healthy trees and shrubs is being able to share your experience with others. And trust us, TruGreen's customers are eager to share!

  • Many of our customers praise the expertise of their PhD-certified specialists. From their knowledgeable, science-based assessments to their customer care, TruGreen's specialists make an impression wherever they go. Matt C. writes, "Our tree and shrub technician, Jimmy, also does a great job. He always has helpful insights into what is going on with our trees and shrubs. They don't just come and spray and then leave; they take special care into making sure my lawn and landscape look great. I couldn't be happier!"
  • Customers with trees in trouble have experienced first-hand what just one targeted trunk injection treatment from TruGreen can do. "If your tree is yellow, burnt looking and essentially on its last legs, you need to consider a tree I.V.," writes TruGreen customer Beverly O. "In just two days, I noticed a difference, and in 14 days, the tree was absolutely beautiful!"
  • The greatest testament to TruGreen's commitment to healthy lawns and trees, however, is the longevity of many of their customers. From brand new customers to customers of over 40 years, testimonials demonstrate how TruGreen works first and foremost for homeowners.

TruGreen's tree and shrub services are a vital component in your overall lawn care. Call TruGreen now at 866.688.6722, or visit them on the web at to learn more about their tree service. Also, check out our social communities on FacebookTwitterYouTubeGoogle+ and Pinterest

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