Best Plants to Plant in Winter

By TruGreen December 17, 2014
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Homeowners understand that it's not just your lawn that gives your property curb appeal year round, which is why it's important to have access to great tree service. Whether you already have some trees in your yard, or you're thinking of adding some to your landscape this year, you need to remember that not all trees are created equal -- some will withstand cold better than others and, without a professional tree service that can help you care for them, you may find out too late that the trees you chose are in the wrong zone to thrive.


So, how do you find out which trees and shrubs will work best in your area? It all depends on a couple of factors:

Plant Hardiness Zone

The U.S. is divided into 11 different plant hardiness zones. These zones denote areas in the country where different plants can withstand particular soil and climate conditions. In other words, if you want to know under what conditions a tree or shrub you plan on planting in your yard will be in danger, consult with your TruGreen® specialist to see which hardiness zone you fall into.

The plant’s own hardiness

Understanding the risks of winter injury and which plants are most susceptible to a wide range of weather-induced damage is another factor to consider when choosing trees and shrubs for your yard. Depending on the plant you decide to incorporate into the landscape, you could easily find yourself digging it up almost as soon as you plant it without the right information.

Soil and moisture

It's essential for plants and shrubs to be planted in well-drained soil that can direct the right amount of moisture deep into the roots before the ground freezes. Compacted, poorly drained soil can become a problem as temperatures dip.

Considering these three factors will enable you to plant the types of trees and shrubs that will thrive in your yard rather than choosing ones that will not make it through the chill of winter. Do you live in a zone that gets particularly cold? You'll need to choose plants that are hardy and can withstand low temperatures. 

Some examples of trees that are hardy in winter include the Eastern Cottonwood, the Amur Maple, the American Elm, the Scotch Pine, the Colorado Spruce and the Norway Spruce. As far as shrubs go, choose ones like Alpine Currant, Rose Shrubs, Shrub Dogwood, American Cranberry bush, Eastern Arborvitae and Swiss Mountain Pine.

TruGreen Tree Services

The problem is, who has time to figure all of this stuff out when there are other aspects of our home that demand our attention? Leave it to the experts to find science-based solutions that will not only protect your lawn's health through the winter, but also year-round. Enter TruGreen, with their knowledgeable TruExpertsm Certified Specialists and their quality professional tree service.

  • Once you make your appointment with a certified specialist, he or she will conduct a Tree & Shrub Evaluation® to get to know your trees and shrubs and to determine what they need.
  • A customized tree and shrub treatment plan that includes tree services such as early growth protection, overwintering insect control, foliage protection, targeted trunk injections and more.
  • The Tree & Shrub Guarantee® ensures that you are satisfied with your tree service. We'll schedule as many visits as possible to be certain that you will be happy with your landscape.
This fall, choose a tree service that will help you achieve a landscape you'll love. Call TruGreen today at 866.688.6722, or visit them on the web at to get started.

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