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Winter Gardening: Cold Weather Gardening Tips

By TruGreen January 31, 2023
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Who's ready to learn and grow? Spring is coming up quickly, but before you start your spring cleaning, why not start growing some greens? Winter gardening during the cold season is not only possible, but it’s fun! You can plant a variety of things in the cooler months which will continue to grow through the Spring and yield delicious produce year-round.

So, How Do You Do It?

  • Start with a checklist focusing on your temperature, soil, moisture, and animals/insect pests. Plants can only tolerate certain ranges of temperature so it's important to find out what will thrive and jive in your garden.
  • Determine where you want your garden, and remove any weeds, debris, and those pesky pests left over from winter. Once your plot is exposed, add organic matter such as composted manure to create a great foundation for healthy soil.
  • It might be less obvious, but a poor drainage system for your garden could prevent your plants’ growth. A waterlogged soil will prevent oxygen from getting to the roots where it is needed. Select an area where water doesn’t pool on the soil or consider adding a drainage system if site selection is limited to wet areas.
  • Believe it or not, your garden can attract critters looking for a free meal. Prepare for wildlife by putting chicken wire or similar fencing around the perimeter. You are better off doing this up front so your hard work doesn’t go to the local rabbits. 

Don’t Give In To Spring Fever

It’s okay to give your seeds a sheltered start until things warm up. Sowing indoors gives you access to a range of seed options as well as saving you money. So, what do you grow?

  • Rosemary can be grown year-round indoors. Wait until after the last frost to move outside.
  • Don’t underestimate parsley -- you could say “the cold doesn’t bother them anyway.”
  • Basil is one of the most popular herbs in the world and the easiest to grow in any climate.
  • Mint is a strong herb that needs to be planted on its own, otherwise it’ll overpower other plants.
  • Finally, this herb is so perfect for the cold, its name is winter savory.

Tip: Allow 6 weeks prior to the last frost to start sowing your seeds before moving them indoors.

Outdoor Gardening Is Cool, Too!

Get ready to spice up your life with the four easiest winter vegetables to plant.

  • If you are looking for sharp & spicy flavor to add to your dishes, radishes are the veggie to your heart. They grow fast, you pick them, plant & harvest, again!
  • The perfect addition to your pasta and soup is rainbow chard. It grows quickly, can be cut when you need it, and produces all season long.
  • For our busy bees, we recommend sweet pea snaps. They take a little more effort to grow but are a healthy go-to snack.
  • Finally, thriving the most in cooler conditions, is arugula. You’ll have to cut back the flowers, but the fresh green is worth the wait.

Tip: If you don’t know where to start, you can use the National Gardening Association’s hardiness zone finder to enter your ZIP code and find out what varieties of winter plants will likely thrive based on your climate zone.

Spring Forward

Can’t you just smell the roses? While you focus your attention on your making your yard a lush paradise, don’t forget about the beautiful flowers you will be able to plant come spring. You will have to wait until your soil is at the optimum temperature, 60 to 85 degrees, for planting flowers. In the meantime, you can check your local nurseries’ list of plants that have been selected to perform well in your area. We recommend planting perennials such as, daylilies, hostas, and red hot pokers because they are easy to plant, require less maintenance, and you won’t need to replant next season.

Tip: Make sure to plant your flowers in a zigzag instead of a straight line, to allow your beautiful buds sunlight & water, letting them grow without competing for attention.

While you’re getting a jumpstart on your garden planning, don’t forget about your lawn. Our professionally trained and certified Trugreen specialists are here to help ensure you get the right treatments, at the right time of year to foster optimal lawn health. Let us help you prepare for the upcoming spring season with the knowledge and services to help your yard be all it can be! To learn more on what TruGreen can provide for you, give us a call at 866.688.6722 or visit our lawn plans page.

Even if you’re a beginner, now is the perfect time to start your garden. We challenge you to #LiveLifeOutside for the new year, no matter the season!


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