Planning the Perfect Backyard Graduation Celebration: Your 4.0 GPA Plan

By TruGreen April 30, 2015
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Is a graduation party in your near future? Let this checklist take your backyard from average to A+.

backyard celebration

Ready to celebrate your star student with a backyard soiree? Here are seven easy things you can do to make sure your lawn looks it best on the day of the party.


Keeping to your regular watering routine is important, but keep in mind the actual date of your party. A good rule of thumb is not to water the lawn 2 or 3 days before your party. A damp lawn can potentially ruin your guests’ shoes and cause tables to sink into the ground.


This one may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s important. Longer grass can handle more foot traffic ultimately limiting damage to your beautiful spring lawn. Try to give yourself about 5 days between your mow and the party date.

Prune Shrubs & Flowers:

Do your plants and flowers need some additional attention? Clean up any shrubs and flowers in your backyard with gardening shears;you can even use your clippings in floral arrangements or centerpieces.

Walkways & Driveways:

Hose down the walkways and your driveway of any debris the day before or even morning of the party. Just make sure the surfaces have enough time to dry before your guests arrive.

Lighting & Pest Control:

Set up citronella candles and tiki torches to serve two purposes: festive lighting & to ward off unwanted pests at the party. Line the walkways and outdoor perimeter for a little extra protection; your guests will appreciate the detail.

Get the Grill Ready:

Grilling at the party? Get the grill ready a few days in advance by cleaning the grates, checking all of your grilling tools and cleaning off the tops and sides of the grill. It’s also helpful to start the grill to make sure it is still in working order, as well as checking the propane levels (if you own a gas grill). A non-working grill is a real party downer.

Prep Outdoor Furniture:

Check all of your outdoor seating a week in advance to ensure its in peak condition. A one-week buffer will give you plenty of time to make any necessary repairs. The day before your party you can hose off any debris and clean the cushions. Save cleaning the dusty surfaces until the morning of your party. 


Let this checklist take your backyard from average to A+. We have a feeling your guests will notice how great your space looks. Congrats to you and your graduate. And there are more tips where that came from.


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