How Do I Get My Grass Green with Constant Foot Traffic?

By TruGreen June 14, 2013
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"How do I get my grass green?" That's a common question among homeowners year-round, because everyone wants a lawn that is thick, green and lush. How to get your grass green is especially a hot topic of conversation during the summer, a time when outdoor activities are at their peak. The neighborhood kids playing a game of tag, fathers and sons playing catch, neighbors choosing sides for a game of touch football, followed by a celebratory barbeque with all trimmings - these are just a few of the activities that entice people to get outside and enjoy the summer weather. However, all of that constant foot traffic can certainly take a toll on your lawn.      

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So the question remains, how do I get my grass green—and keep it that way—throughout the summer? Some homeowners might look out their windows and see brown patches or unsightly weeds. To them, green grass might seem like a distant dream. Others might not have those problems, but they somehow know that their lawn is not reaching its fullest potential. They might be wondering how to get greener grass. As a homeowner who loves your lawn, you know that bragging rights start long before who wins or loses whatever games are being played. You want your yard to be the yard everyone wants to play on. That’s one of the many reasons why it’s important that you know how to get green grass.

How do I get my grass green: a practical approach

Achieving a lawn you love that invites others to take their shoes off for a cool walk through lush turfgrass requires much more than regular mowing you do yourself. It also involves the following steps:

  • Take care of your weeds. An important step to controlling difficult weeds is maintaining a healthy, vigorous turf that can outcompete weed encroachment. Select preemergent products are available for many difficult perennial weeds. However, repeated timely applications, sometimes over several growing seasons, may be necessary to deplete underground food reserves and control the weeds.
  • Don't underestimate the importance of irrigation. Proper watering is one factor you can easily control. Most lawns need at least one to two inches of water per week, sometimes even more during the hot summer months. And don't forget that roots from large trees often extend into the lawn area and draw moisture from the soil. Frequent watering may be required for turf under or near trees. It is unwise to consider how to get green grass without taking a closer look at irrigation. Without the proper amount of water, your lawn doesn't stand a chance.
  • Fertilize well. If you are wondering how to get your grass green, then you most certainly want to address lawn fertilization. Fertilizing is the best way to get the right nutrients—especially nitrogen—into your soil that grass needs to thrive. Having the correct mixture of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium and applying it properly is a crucial step. 

How do I get my grass green: trust a specialist

TruGreen® PhD-certified specialists know how to get your grass green because they understand the science behind what it takes to achieve a lawn you’ll love. The right help at the right time all year round will help your lawn reach its fullest potential so it can withstand the increased foot traffic of summer. Plus, with their Healthy Lawn Guarantee® in effect for as long as your plan is in place, a specialist will visit your property as often as needed to make any necessary adjustments to ensure your satisfaction.

If you’re still wondering how to get green grass, start by visiting or calling 866.688.6722 today to schedule a Healthy Lawn Analysis®.


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