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Fall in Love with Lawn Maintenance

By TruGreen November 23, 2021
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Fall is one of the most important times of the year for lawn care. No matter your weather conditions, giving your lawn proper care now can help it thrive in the spring. To help you get on track, we’ve put together some of our favorite expert tips so you can fall in love with your lawn all year long.

Simple Lawn Care Tips

Staying on top of lawn care maintenance in the fall is the best way to ensure consistency by the time spring and summer roll around. Taking the following steps will help you and your lawn be prepared.

Mowing your lawn

Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean it’s time to put your lawn mower away! Mowing your lawn is an essential part of lawn maintenance all year long, especially during fall. Not only does it keep your outdoor living space looking neat and manicured, but it also helps to keep your lawn healthy and free of unsightly weeds and damaging insects. However, you should plan to pack your mower away once your lawn has stopped growing or gone dormant.

Watering your turf

In the summer months, rain and frequent watering helps grass thrive. However, grass growth often slows down in the fall due to cooler temperatures, which means it needs less water. Be sure to avoid overwatering; more than one inch of irrigation once or twice a week may cause excessive top growth. Your lawn does not require watering once it has stopped growing or gone dormant.

Raking leaves and aerating

Regularly raking and removing the accumulated layer of plant debris can be extremely helpful, especially early in the fall. For cool season grasses, a fall aeration service is the perfect way to help restore your lawn after the stresses of summer and remove cores of built up thatch. Doing these will allow your lawn to breathe, and help to remove excess organic debris that could ultimately restrict water, air and nutrients.

Correcting Your Soil

What better way to start your lawn care than from the ground up? For your lawn to stay lush and green all year long, your soil needs a balance of different nutrients. More specifically, if your soil is experiencing an unbalanced pH level, you may need to correct it with a treatment of lime or sulphur. By assessing your soil’s unique state, a TruGreen technician can determine what types of nutrients need to be applied to help your grass reach its full potential. ​​Doing so in the fall gives your soil time to restore its balance before spring. Fortunately, our Soil Amendment services are a quick and easy way to identify and balance your soil's acidity to help keep your lawn green and healthy all season long.

Don’t Fall Behind Schedule

To get the best results, it is important to perform the necessary fall maintenance steps at the right time. Our best suggestion is to take a few hours each weekend and get your lawn up to par with these tips. You'll feel better knowing that you're on the right track to getting your lawn ready for winter and a better spring. 

While the tips above are simple things you can do on your own, there are more complex areas of fall lawn care that you might need a helping hand with. After all, maintaining you outdoor living space in the fall is more than just raking, mowing and watering; it also entails fertilization, aeration and overseeding (for cool season grasses), weed control, pest control and tree and shrub protection. All of these tasks can be assigned to the experts so that you are left with a beautiful outdoor living space to enjoy come springtime.

Trust Your Expert Lawn Care Partners

We know how important it is to keep up with your lawn. As a homeowner, you can handle the mowing and watering, but when it comes time for fall lawn maintenance that involves tailored  lawn care plans, we’ve got your back. As your partner in outdoor living, we offer comprehensive plans to address your lawn’s needs, helping you create an outdoor living space you’ll love.

These services include:

  • Lawn Aeration and Overseeding – We remove plugs to relieve compact soil and increase the flow of air, water and nutrients deeper into the roots. When combined with overseeding for cooler season grasses, you can create a lush turf full of healthy grass.
  • Fertilization – Our plans include regular fertilization using a range of formulations tailored to your lawn and time of year, to promote optimal health and vigor.
  • Tailored treatment – We create a customized solution to help fight back against lawn-damaging insects or provide pH balancing soil amendments, depending on your lawn’s unique needs.
  • Pre-emergent and targeted weed control – Helps to manage the spread of various weeds as they pop up throughout the year.

Let us help you fall in love with your lawn all year long. To get a plan that is uniquely tailored to your lawn’s needs, explore our custom plans or call 866.688.6722 today for more information about all of our lawn maintenance services.


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