DIY Valentine's Day Gift Idea

By TruGreen February 8, 2017
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Got a gardener or plant lover in your life? This easy four-step DIY craft is a perfect gift idea for the holiday.

<p>Valentine's Day Gift Idea</p>

Candy and cards certainly aren’t a bad choice this Valentine’s Day, but if you’re gifting for a gardener, consider giving them what they really want: cute plants.


  • Plants
  • Brown paper bags
  • Spray paint
  • White paint pen


  • Find a well-ventilated area and place newspaper or plastic down to cover the area you’ll be spray painting. (Otherwise, you’ll end up with a multi-colored carport like me!)
  • Spray paint the bags in whatever way your heart desires. We did some solid colors, while also experimenting with a gradient look. You can also use some of the extra bags to make stencils, which is how we created a heart on one of the designs.
  • Let the bags stand up and wait for the paint to dry. Once dry, flatten them and find a hard surface on which to write your punny messages of love. Make sure to follow the directions on the paint pen before you begin writing your message.
  • Once the message is dry, roll down or trim the tops of the bags to fit the height of your plant. Place the plant inside and ta-dah! Your gift is complete.

Some punny words of love

The options can go on forever, but here are some cute messages we liked:

  • ALOE you VERA much
  • You’re plantastic
  • Life would succ without you
  • Let’s grow old together
  • Let love grow
  • You’re unbeLEAFable
  • Our love runs deep like these roots

If you make this, we want to see it! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook using #TruGreenValentine to share your final product.


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