Best Backyard Ideas and Patio Upgrades for Springtime

By TruGreen February 28, 2015
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If you're a homeowner who takes pride in your home and enjoys home improvement projects, or if you thrive on gardening and implementing those amazing backyard ideas that come across your Pinterest feed, you may be getting excited about spending time outdoors this spring. In addition to all those health benefits that your mind, spirit and body can get when you spend time outdoors, planning your next patio upgrade or yard renovation can help get your spring started right.

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To help get those creative juices flowing again, here are four simple backyard design ideas that can change the face of your landscape for the better:

1. Just add water. Better Homes and Gardens recommends the soothing sounds of a new water feature to turn your patio from a ho-hum backyard space to a lush springtime haven. A fountain installation complete with a small recirculating pump can give you the continuous lulling sounds and smells of water over stone without a lot of upkeep. This solution builds into other backyard ideas, too—you can even incorporate a water garden into your patio space with water-loving plants landscaped into or around the edges of your feature.

2. Heat it up! The American Society of Landscape Architects released a news report that explored the popularity of home design elements in 2013. Almost 95 percent of landscape architects thought that outdoor living spaces were particularly popular among homeowners, and themost popular element in those newly redesigned outdoor spaces was a fire pit. Fire pits were rated as “popular” or “somewhat popular” in 97 percent of cases. Increase the length of time you can enjoy your outdoor landscape while increasing your backyard appeal—add a fireplace or firepit to your patio design this year.

3. Add a deck. A detached deck is essentially a patio space that’s elevated. In their slideshow of 2013 backyard ideas, HGTV recommends an elevated outdoor dining area complete with curtains to block glaring sunlight when you need them. A deck space also provides a perfect opportunity for easy-to-manage planting in bordering beds or in pots on the deck itself.

4. Think in 3 dimensions. Most people envision patios as poured concrete and laid brick or tile—a two-dimensional flat space on which to perch a table and chairs… and maybe a grill or cooler or two. But with a few creative backyard design ideas you can impart a sense of unique style to your space. For example, HGTV showcases a decorative wall with open arches and simple Spanish-tile design work.  You might also try columns and a pergola or raised garden beds to add depth to your outdoor wonderland.

Planning your new outdoor living space can be the perfect antidote to the winter doldrums. And don’t forget, as you bring your winter backyard ideas into springtime fruition, your lawn may need a little attention, too! If your well-loved lawn needs a touch-up or some repairing, its the perfect time to call TruGreen® and let them perform a Healthy Lawn Analysis® that will help determine what it needs to thrive this spring and summer. 

To learn more about TruGreen’s lawn care plans and other services, call 866.688.6722 or visit Whether you are implementing small backyard ideas or giving your backyard a complete makeover, a green, lush lawn will complement your outdoor area; TruGreen’s knowledgeable PhD certified specialists can help you get the most out of your spring experience in your backyard.

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