The Top 5 in Top 5 Lawn Care Topics and Trends: Does Your State Make the List?

By TruGreen January 7, 2018

From aeration to mosquito control, click to see if your state made the list of top places that care about lawn care-related topics!

<p>Neighborhood lawns in the Midwest</p>

As you drive through neighborhoods from state to state, do you ever notice the differences in how great the lawns are?

If you reside in Iowa or Nebraska, this is probably a common occurrence, as they are the top two states in the country that care about and research lawn care, according to five years of data from Google Trends. We took a look at the top five states that search for lawn care-related terms -- read below to see if your state made any lists!

Lawn Care

If you’ve ever lived in or visited the Midwest, then it should come as no surprise that states from this region care a lot about lawn care. The nutrient-rich soil paired with Midwest pride commonly results in tip-top lawns throughout neighborhoods. Lawns are typically seeded with fine fescue, Kentucky bluegrass or perennial ryegrass, and common weeds include crabgrass, clover, dandelion, ground ivy, and violets. For more info on Midwest lawn care, check out our in-depth guide.

Google Trends data shows that the Top 5 States Where People Care Most About Lawn Care are:

  1. Iowa

  2. Nebraska

  3. Missouri

  4. Michigan

  5. Indiana

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Mosquito Control

Floridians are the first in the country for seeking answers for mosquito control. While mosquitoes are a constant pest in the hot and humid state, natural disasters like Hurricane Irma can greatly intensify the problem. Such was the case with Texas. Though the state didn’t rank on the top five places over the last five years, Dallas and Houston’s search for mosquito control spiked in September 2017 compared to September 2016, following the storms of Hurricane Harvey.   

Google Trends data shows that the Top 5 States Where People Care Most About Mosquito Control are: 

  1. Florida

  2. Louisiana

  3. Delaware

  4. South Carolina

  5. Massachusetts

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While Colorado boasts gorgeous views of the mountains, the front range also has predominantly clay soils in many parts of the state. Aeration is a necessary component of lawn care everywhere in the country — especially in areas with clay and sandy soils —  to help bring oxygen and nutrients to the root zone of compacted soils.

Google Trends data shows that the Top 5 States Where People Care Most About Aeration are: 

  1. Colorado

  2. Ohio

  3. Utah

  4. Nebraska

  5. Iowa

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Spinkler Repair

Sprinkler systems are key to maintaining a healthy, lush lawn, but to keep your grass in tip-top shape, you have to keep up with your sprinkler system maintenance and repair. Seasonal changes — adjusting watering levels in the summer and winterizing in the fall — are necessary to keep your system and lawn happy.

Google Trends data shows that the Top 5 States Where People Care Most About Sprinkler Repair are:
  1. Utah

  2. Colorado

  3. Idaho

  4. Texas

  5. Florida

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Tree & Shrub Maintenance

New homeowners may be surprised to learn that care for tree and shrub maintenance requires more than just watering and pruning. And Mother Nature’s conditions, like droughts and late cold snaps, can add another element of care needed to maintain a healthy yard.

Google Trends data shows that the Top 5 States Where People Care Most About Caring for their Trees & Shrubs are:

  1. Colorado

  2. Minnesota

  3. Kansas

  4. South Carolina

  5. Delaware

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