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TruGreen Lawn Care Services in Lake Worth, FL

TruGreen® services the Lake Worth area through our Lake Worth branch location. With the changes in climate throughout the seasons, your regional TruGreen specialist knows the ins and outs of Lake Worth yards and can tailor each plan based on your lawn's specific soil condition, grass type, and usage.

Services Offered By This Branch

Tree & Shrub Care Tree & Shrub Fertilization, Disease and Insect Control
TruComplete℠ Lawn Plan Get out and enjoy the greenest, healthiest lawn possible with this comprehensive plan, which provides essential nutrients, protection, organic soil amendments and lawn aeration.
TruNatural℠ Lawn Plan Organic Fertilizer Only NO weed or bug sprays

Why TruGreen?

Every yard is different — and sometimes proper mowing and watering isn't enough. Our PhD-certified specialists will evaluate your lawn and design a tailored approach based on its climate, grass type, soil condition and usage to give it exactly what it needs at the right time — and it's all backed by our Healthy Lawn Guarantee®✦. Plus, we offer TruGreen Mosquito Defense, which provides an innovative mosquito control formula that eliminates biting mosquitoes within 24 hours of your first application. And with our Mosquito-Free Guarantee✧, you, your family and friends can continue to live life outside, worry-free.

Grow a healthy Lake Worth lawn with TruGreen

Because we know the ins and outs of lawn care in Lake Worth, our experts can take the climate and other factors into account when building your custom lawn care service. Lake Worth is in Florida, which earns its nickname of the "Sunshine State" by having summers that are long, humid and warm. Known for its mild winters, Lake Worth may experience occasional periods of cool to cold air. Your local TruGreen specialist knows what works for Lake Worth yards and can tailor each plan based on your lawn's specific soil condition, grass type and usage. While offering the best lawn care service in Lake Worth, we can also tackle any mosquito or pest issues that may arise. To find out more about TruGreen Lake Worth lawn care service, request a quote above or call us at 1-800-464-0171.


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