How to Maintain a Sprinkler System

By TruGreen December 16, 2015

Find a transcribed version of this video below.

Narrator: Proper watering is a key part of making your lawn healthy and green. The experts at TruGreen® will make sure that your sprinkler system stays in top shape all year round, so all you have to do is enjoy your yard. Our annual sprinkler maintenance plan and expert repair service uses the latest technology to ensure proper irrigation and optimal water conservation. This regular maintenance and repair helps protect your sprinkler system from costly damage. When Spring arrives and freezing temperatures cease, it's time to turn on sprinkler systems and start watering again. The TruGreen® sprinkler experts will also check for winter damage and fine-tune your control box.

Call TruGreen® to open your system and prepare it for use in warmer months. Open your sprinkler system for only $29.95 and make sure your yard is getting what it needs when it needs it, with TruGreen's annual sprinkler maintenance plan. TruGreen®, live life outside.

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