What to Expect from Your Shrub and Tree Service from TruGreen

By TruGreen July 9, 2018
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Picture your perfect yard, green grass under your feet and beautiful trees surrounding - but who is taking care of those trees? A tree service can help take care of your trees and shrubs. We know trees and shrubs are an important investment, and it can be a lot of work keeping them healthy.

The PhD certified specialists at TruGreen® understand that tree services are just as vital to a healthy yard as proper lawn care, which is why they have specialized services specifically designed to give those trees and shrubs the proper care they need to thrive.  

TruGreen Tree Services: Science-Based Expertise

The rigorous horticulture training that TruGreen offers ensures that your TruExpertSM Tree & Shrub Specialist understands the ins and outs of tree and shrub care on your property. That means knowing how your trees and shrubs cope with the climate in your area, what diseases or pests they are most prone to, and how to identify key issues that must be resolved to achieve the right balance. With the right knowledge of science-based solutions for your landscape, TruGreen is prepared to tackle a variety of issues pertaining to your trees and shrubs, and they can tailor a unique plan of action that best suits your needs.

What Happens After I Sign Up for a Tree & Shrub Service?

Once you sign up for service, a few things will happen:

  1.  Your Tree & Shrub Evaluation® will be scheduled, which includes a comprehensive look at your property's trees and shrubs, from the type of trees you have to their current condition.
  2. Your specialist will look for insects, diseases, and problem areas to create a unique plan for your landscape.
  3. Your specialist will also provide you with information on proper ways to water, prune, and care for your landscape to get the most out of your TruGreen service.
  4. A tailored plan is designed with your yard in mind. Visits are scheduled for every four to six weeks, and you can use the TruGreen app to track when your specialist will be there.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of those TruGreen specialist tips:

  • Take care not to use a weedeater or mower near the base of your shrubs and trees. Contact could damage them.
  • Transplant problems are often associated with recently planted (1 – 5 years old) ornamental trees and shrubs. Planting too high, too deep, too shallow or in the wrong place can negatively impact your landscape.
  • Keep mulch around your ornamentals at a 1 – 3 inch level. Too much mulch (greater than 3 inches) will increase the amount of moisture, decrease air and gas exchange, and cause shallow roots to develop.

Experience the TruGreen Difference Today

The health of your landscape includes your trees and shrubs, so it's important not to overlook them if you're set on achieving a lawn you’ll love. Fortunately, you can count on TruGreen to create a science-based plan for your property's trees and shrubs. And with the Healthy Tree & Shrub Guarantee®, TruGreen will make any necessary adjustments to your services to ensure your satisfaction.* For more information, visit TruGreen.com or call 866.688.6722 today.

Visit our learning center at www.trugreen.com/learningcenter for expert lawn care tips and lawn care education or to learn more about what to expect from your TruGreen services. You can also connect with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

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