Tree Care and Shrub Care: Do You Really Need it?

By TruGreen April 14, 2013
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We don't have to tell you how important your trees are to everything, from the condition of your landscaping to great curb appeal. That is why it's vital that we keep our trees and shrubs healthy and in great condition. This is where a tree service can be of great benefit to you, your family or your home.  

Benefits of a tree service

  • Helps keep pests out. Pests can eat and ultimately destroy leaves, trunks and branches. Selective treatments will help prevent damage by fighting against pests.
  • Helps keep tree diseases at bay. There are an extensive variety of tree and shrub diseases that can easily be harmful or fatal to a tree. Tree services, such as a Tree & Shrub Evaluation®, help to identify, treat and prevent tree diseases before it’s too late.
  • Maintains balanced nutrients. Trees need balanced nutrition so that they can retain their color, strength and beauty. A tree service such as a targeted trunk injection corrects nutrient imbalances and enhances plant health and color.
  • Stimulates growth. Certain tree services, such as root zone fertilization, make it possible for nutrients to reach deep into the bark of the tree and the base of the roots, stimulating growth, color and development.
  • Maintains root and soil health. Strong, healthy trees have strong healthy roots to keep them up. The soil they are rooted in is equally important. The right combination of nutrient-rich soil, adequate fertilization, water and care is ideal for keeping your trees healthy.

The TruGreen® lawn care specialists are PhD-certified with rigorous training that requires yearly recertification, so that they are expertly prepared to evaluate your lawn using the TruGreen Healthy Lawn Analysis® and tailored science-based solutions to meet your lawn’s unique needs throughout every season of the year.

Trees will help you in return!

Ah, but you see, this isn't a “take without give” type of relationship. Through the generosity and care of tree services, healthy trees serve many purposes:

  • Lower cooling and heating costs. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a young, healthy tree can provide a net cooling effect equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners operating for 20 hours a day! Tree-shaded spaces are much cooler in the summer, and trees serve as excellent protection from the winter winds, cutting energy costs for homes.
  • Increased property value. A flourishing landscape will greatly enhance the overall health and appearance of your property, perhaps even increasing its value.
  • Maintain air quality. Healthy trees absorb air pollutants like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and smog as well as generate oxygen through photosynthesis.
  • Healthy lawn. Your lawn is only as hearty as the elements in it. A healthy tree contributes to a flourishing lawn, helping you maintain a beautiful, lush landscape.

Hiring certified specialists to take care of your trees and shrubs is the best decision you can make for your lawn. Call the experts at TruGreen today at 866.688.6722 or visit to find out more about the importance of having beautiful, healthy trees.

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