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Greener Pastures: How TruGreen Delivers More Innovative Lawn Care

By TruGreen April 29, 2024
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Greener Pastures: How TruGreen Delivers More Innovative Lawn Care

As lawn care specialists, we know that maintaining your outdoor living space does not come without its challenges. From changing environmental conditions to invasive weeds to pest problems, it can be difficult for homeowners to keep up with everything their landscape requires. 

Our TruGreen® experts are dedicated to helping our customers combat these issues. We lead the pack in advancements in lawn and landscape care, integrating the latest techniques and formulations into our plans. Our goal is to not only deliver quicker and more effective results but to also help homeowners maintain healthier, more vibrant outdoor spaces. 

Recognizing that unsightly weeds and pesky mosquitoes are one of the biggest battles our customers face in the spring and summer seasons, our experts made it their mission to offer the most effective services possible. In select branches across the South, TruGreen is currently offering a range of innovations designed to further elevate the quality of the services we already provide to our customers there. 

Enhanced Weed Control & Turf Color

Many homeowners have found it extremely difficult to maintain a weed-free lawn. Because of this, our team of agronomists has focused their time and expertise on developing innovative programs designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our weed control services. This means our customers will receive quicker results, while also seeing an improvement in their lawn’s overall health and color. Our optimizations include: 


Crabgrass, an annual weed that is commonly found in many lawns and gardens, is notorious for its resilient nature once it takes hold. Understanding the challenge this poses, our TruGreen experts have researched additional methods to treat this. In some southern locations, we have: 

  • Changed our product selection to enhance pre-emergent and grassy weed control. 
  • Implemented an additional application in the spring to boost weed prevention further into the year. 
  • Introduced an alternate product to allow for crabgrass control where annual bluegrass was only previously treated. 

Fertilization formulations  

Ensuring optimal turfgrass health is key to effective weed control. We have created nutrient management strategies tailored to improve the color and resilience of our customers’ turfgrass. In specific areas in the South, we adjusted these formulations so that lawns receive the precise blend of essential nutrients they need to thrive. We did this by: 

  • Transitioning to a slow-release product that enables a "front-loading" of nutrients to bolster weed control. 
  • Incorporating micronutrients to promote a better response to weed control treatments. 
  • Adopting a new nutrient formulation that helps treated areas maintain their color. 
  • Substituting the nutrients used during early fall applications to provide improved green turfgrass color into the fall. 
  • Implementing additional essential nutrients to improve turfgrass health and color. 

Broadleaf & grassy weeds 

We understand that different grass varieties have unique requirements, particularly when addressing the challenge of broadleaf and grassy weeds. We prioritize delivering effective weed control while still promoting the health of turfgrass. To accomplish this, we are leveraging new formulations that prioritize safety across all grass types, enabling quick, wider-ranging, and more effective weed control across the South. 


TruGreen has also developed a targeted prevention strategy to combat nutsedge, specifically in the greater Carolinas region. We introduced an application earlier in the season, helping us achieve better weed control by targeting weeds when they are still young. This proactive approach not only ensures better management of nutsedge but also contributes to maintaining the overall health and aesthetic appeal of lawns. 

Upgraded Mosquito Control Program

As temperatures soar and humidity levels climb, they create ideal conditions for mosquito breeding. When this happens, homeowners encounter disruptions to their outdoor activities and a decrease in their enjoyment of outdoor spaces. Through our mosquito prevention services, TruGreen is helping our customers reclaim their comfort. 

In our Texas and Florida regions where mosquitoes are especially prevalent, we have taken proactive measures to tailor our product lineup to align with seasonal variations in mosquito activity. Through strategic product rotation and more targeted, effective mosquito control applications, we provide our customers with greater relaxation and greater peace of mind throughout the warm seasons.  

Start your TruGreen journey

TruGreen understands the planning and maintenance that comes with lawn care and pest control can be a time-consuming hassle, which is why we are here to help you build a plan customized to your needs. Whether it is getting rid of weeds, preventing mosquitoes, or getting a lawn your neighbors will notice, we can help. Contact us today to start creating an outdoor living space you will love. 


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