Identify Common Garden Weeds: Dandelions, Clover and More

By TruGreen May 7, 2019
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Clovers, Crabgrass, Creeping Charlies, and Dandelions, Oh My! Learn how to identify the most common types of weeds that may be undercutting the performance of your lawn.

<p>a quick guide to help identify the heavy-hitters</p>

Common Garden Weeds: A Quick Guide To Help Identify The Heavy-Hitters

You hate weeds. In fact, you really, really hate weeds. We do, too. Sometimes it feels like you do everything you can to prevent them, but despite your best efforts, they find a way to infiltrate your pristine lawn. ?Take a look at some of the most common types of weeds that may be lurking in your yard. If you can successfully identify it, we can quickly take action and treat your yard, helping it reach its full, weed-free potential:


Do you see tiny white flowers all over your yard? If you do, chances are good that clover is plaguing your yard. Take heart, you’re not the only yard on the block suffering its fate. Clover is by far the most common low-growing weed in all parts of the country.


How do you identify crabgrass? Just think about the name. Similar to a crab, this type of grass is fast-moving, able to sprawl across your entire yard in the blink of an eye. If left untreated, crabgrass will crawl across your lawn and take over in the blink of an eye. TIP: One of the best ways you can help attack crabgrass is through deep, less-frequent watering.

Creeping Charlies

Ok, we have to be honest. Creeping Charlies are pretty. Weeds can be deceptive. And it may feel like a shame to have them eliminated, but you’ll be singing a different tune when they’ve completely taken over your lawn and depleted your grass of nutrients. Creeping Charlies are the bully of the playground. An attractive bully, but a bully nonetheless.


Oh, the catch-22 of dandelions. An icon of summer indeed, but a tireless, persistent weed all the same. While kids make wishes on their fuzzy heads, you rue the day they laid roots in your yard. Dandelions wage turf war with your healthy grass in a battle for vital nutrients and space. And dandelions are incredibly difficult to control because of their floating seeds.

Often deceptive, always formidable, weeds are the biggest threat to your healthy, plush green grass. The grass you’re relying on to set the stage for an entire summer of backyard barbecue parties and campouts.

With the Preemptive Weed Control Program, we’ll stop them in their tracks before they even get started. Wondering whether your plan covers these weeds? Curious about kickstarting lawn care service? Contact us and let us help you #LiveLifeOutside.


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