Springtime Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home

By TruGreen April 13, 2014
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Spring is a favorite time of year for many homeowners. The bright blooms, the birds, bees and butterflies... we all enjoy them, whether we see them wild in nature, in our neighbor's yard or on our own front steps. it's a beautiful, energetic season that lends itself to creative landscaping and exciting curb appeal ideas designed to improve your home's look and feel and potentially increase its value.

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Whether you're planning on selling your home soon or you're simply trying to improve the look of yard, here are some great landscaping ideas that can improve your home's look and feel for the spring.

  1. Add splashes of color. Springtime is the time to add flowers to your yard for a splash of color that adds vibrant aesthetic appeal. Choose colors that complement your home's exterior shade. Repainting your home's exterior to give it a little life and lots of curb appeal is always an option.
  2. Plant a tree. Like many curb appeal ideas, planting a tree enhances the aesthetics of your home and beautifies your neighborhood. Here's something you may not know: Trees help keep your lawn healthy, your air clean, and your yard cool.
  3. Create some hardscape spaces. Add a nice touch to your yards by creating some stone walkways that match your home.
  4. Install a trellis. A trellis adds an interesting touch to any yard. Best of all, it's relatively easy to do on your own, with just some ready-made lattice fencing and some wood.
  5. Replace fencing with hedges. Privacy fencing doesn't have to be made of wood, metal or wrought iron. Using hedges as fencing adds depth, color and texture to your home's overall curb appeal.
  6. Set up your backyard for entertaining. Don't wait until summer to get your yard ready for entertainment. Springtime is the perfect time for playing, reading or nature-watching, so plan out your space with gardens, decks and other functional and decorative elements.
  7. Install planters on your windowsills. Bring your windowsills to life with planters featuring colorful flowers and ferns.
  8. Replace light fixtures. Often overlooked when it comes to your list of landscaping ideas, new light fixtures can add personality and freshness to your yard.
  9. Get a new mailbox. Another non-lawn related improvement; a new mailbox that better suits the look and feel of your home will certainly add personality and style to your home’s appearance.
  10. Maintain a healthy lawn. Your lawn may seem like just a supporting player amidst trees, planters and trellises, but the truth s that your lawn is the star of the show! If your lawn is not healthy, it can't look its best and it certainly can't give your home the curb appeal it deserves.

Healthy lawn, healthy trees and healthy shrubs—these are all achieved with some patience, some time and the help of professional, PhD-certified specialists that understand the challenges of implementing curb appeal ideas in the spring. Don't wait until your lawn looks less than desirable. Call TruGreen® today for your free TruGreen Healthy Lawn Analysis® and get started on your customized lawn maintenance plan so your curb appeal ideas can come to life!

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