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on October 1, 2014 by TruGreen

TruGreen’s TruHealth? Lawn Plan is scientifically designed and executed to help your lawn be the best it can be. Year-round, the TruHealth lawn treatment package protects, nurtures and feeds your lawn grasses—so you have a healthy, beautiful, hardy outdoor space that you and your family can use and enjoy.

The TruHealth lawn treatment plan includes:

  • Healthy Lawn Analysis®: We evaluate your overall environment, soil and grass type—as well as the ways you use your lawn—to better understand your specific situation and your yard’s unique needs.
  • Healthy Lawn Guarantee®: We guarantee you’ll love your lawn. We ensure your satisfaction by making any needed adjustments to our service schedule.
  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control: Stop your weed problems before they start with our proven pre-emergent formulas. Applied at the right time of year to coincide with the portions of plant life cycles when they are most vulnerable, TruGreen’s Pre-Emergent weed control gets to the root of weed problems.
  • Targeted Weed Control: For species or applications where pre-emergent weed control is ineffective, TruGreen offers targeted applications to control weeds that have already sprouted.
  • Fertilization: TruGreen fertilizers are designed to give your lawn the nutrients it needs at the proper times of year. Well-timed applications in each season, applied by our TruExpert? PhD-Certified Specialists, give your lawn the food it needs to be the lawn you love.
  • Lime Soil Amendment: Lime can balance soil Ph to give your grasses the optimum soil conditions for abundant growth and lush, healthy greenery. Deep, strong roots; increased activity by positive microorganism populations; and improved nutrient availability can all be achieved with the proper use of lime.

The TruGreen Process

When you sign up for TruGreen’s TruHealth Lawn Plan, the first step is a Healthy Lawn Analysis by a PhD-certified lawn care specialist. Your specialist will get to know your lawn and its individualized needs, then design a plan of year-round lawn treatment applications geared to maximize the health of your grasses. It’s this science-based process that makes TruGreen such a unique and valuable lawn care program. By understanding what the yard needs and knowing when to apply it for the best results, your lawn care specialist will get the greatest return on your lawn care investment. If it’s really necessary, your specialist may recommend other services like our sulfur soil amendment or fire ant control, but the choice always lies with you.

TruGreen also offers easy online payment that includes a 10% discount. You can open an account, login securely and take care of everything right there on your screen. Your TruGreen specialist will have your most up-to-date information when they arrive for each scheduled application.

The TruGreen Promise

All of TruGreen’s lawn treatment applications are safe for your family, your pets and your lifestyle. They do recommend keeping pets and kids out of treated areas while the application is still wet to reduce tracking into the house and to maximize everyone’s safety, but there is little-to-no transfer of any TruGreen treatment once the application is dry. Every treatment is applied in accordance with federal, state and local regulations to protect the ones you care about.

TruGreen’s lawn service packages are just a small part of what makes TruGreen the best in the biz. Check out their Tree & Shrub Service. That holistic approach and dedication to safety gives TruGreen its most lasting value.

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