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lawn care Lawn Care

on September 11, 2014 by TruGreen

Lawn care is not just a vanity project: a healthy lawn is important to the greater environment. People benefit from healthy grasses, trees, and shrubs, and believe it or not, lawn care can make a big difference for you and the ones you love.

everybody loves your lawn 

When your lawn is in good shape, your family has a quality outdoor space to use and enjoy, increasing your quality of life. That same lush lawn improves your property value and the value of your neighborhood.

 A healthy lawn that is well maintained also offers benefits to the environment. A nice lawn with a deep root system provides erosion and runoff control and water purification, meaning that water seeping into the subsurface groundwater is cleaner and healthier. Lawns trap more than 12 million tons of particulate matter (dust, soil, and other unpleasantness), making it easier for people to breathe, even in crowded urban environments. Grass can also cool your yard, making it easier to keep your air conditioning bills down during the hot summer. At the same time, your yard is an oxygen factory, breathing in and sequestering carbon while releasing clean oxygen—enough for a family of four every day if you have at least 50 x 50 ft of green.

what makes up good lawn care ?

Mowing and raking aren’t enough to keep your lawn healthy. The right moisture levels at the right times of year create a healthy lawn with deep roots. Pesticide and herbicide applications keep the yard free of bugs that can carry diseases and cause a nuisance (like fleas and ticks) or unwanted weeds that can exacerbate allergies. Nutrient/fertilizer applications keep the grass hardy all year long. TruGreen® actually offers multiple applications throughout the year—typically every four to six weeks—to make sure your lawn is the best it can be within its local soil types, weather conditions, and grass varieties. Customized service leads to that lush lawn you’ll love.

Good lawn care services are not only effective, but safe. All TruGreen products are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and your yard is ready for use as soon as the application is dry—typically within two hours. TruGreen even offers organic fertilizer service options and stays on the cutting edge of research into environmentally friendly lawn care products.

TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Guarantee® means that every full-service customer gets the customized care they need, even if it entails extra visits or changes to the service plan. Get the lawn you’ll love—call TruGreen at 866.688.6722 or visit for more on the service that sets TruGreen apart from the rest.


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