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Grub Prevention and Control

There are a number of lawn damaging insects that can endanger the health of your lawn. Some, like chinch bugs, can literally eat away at your grass and others, like grubs, can damage the root system and kill lawns off in patches.

Benefits of Targeted Insect Control

  • Fights a variety of lawn-feeders
  • Protects lawn health year round
  • Prevents costly lawn damage

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TruGreen science-based solutions are tailored to produce superior lawn results.

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Your TruGreen specialist is trained to identify the signs of these infestations before they become major problems. Like we do with weed control, TruGreen uses yourHealthy Lawn Analysis to help customize your insect control regimen. We calculate the appropriate time to perform preventative insect control applications to fight off these destructive insects before they begin causing damage. And we follow up throughout the year with any additional applications needed to eliminate covered lawn pests that appear.
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An annual plan can save you money and provide additional lawn benefits.

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