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Soil Amendment - Sulfur Treatment

Great lawns require a balance of essential nutrients and proper soil pH balance of alkalinity and acidity. When your lawn is deficient in these essentials, your TruGreen specialist can enhance the health of your turf with sulfur.

Benefits of Sulfur Treatment

  • Helps lower soil pH level
  • Helps protect against diseases
  • Improves nutrient availability
  • Enhances color

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Sulfur is an essential nutrient for plant health, and is a critical component to help a healthy lawn thrive. Low sulfur levels lead to protein deficiencies that can impair growth and make your lawn susceptible to diseases.

If your soil pH is too high, your TruGreen specialist applies granulated elemental sulfur evenly across your lawn, typically in the spring or fall. The sulfur is absorbed by the soil under the lawn to improve the health and vigor of your lawn. This service helps maintain a rich, healthy soil base and maximizes the effectiveness of your other TruGreen lawn care treatments.

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