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Fire Ant Control

When the weather starts to heat up, so does fire ant activity. That’s why TruGreen offers two different ways of controlling fire ants, so you can take back your yard from these stinging pests. 

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Broadcast Application

Your TruGreen specialist will apply a granular product over your entire lawn, which the ants gather during their foraging and take back to the mound and the queen. Once the queen is dead, the worker ants will vacate the colony and be unable to form new mounds in your lawn. The product TruGreen uses contains the same active ingredient found in common flea drops for dogs, so this expanded application is safe for your lawn and provides protection against fire ants for up to a year.

Mound Treatment

TruGreen can also apply granulated bait near high-visibility mounds to control fire ant populations. Because fire ants are suspicious of baits placed right on the mound and generally won’t take it to the queen, TruGreen applies this treatment near the base of individual mounds in your lawn for effective fire ant control. This type of treatment can be performed as a courtesy during any routine service visit.

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