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Lawn Fertilization Service

Avoid the research and guesswork of lawn fertilization with a customized plan, crafted by our local experts.

Lawn fertilization can be an overwhelming process. With complicated names and a range of options, it can feel like a lot to take on. That’s why at TruGreen, we specialize in lawn care plans that offer fertilization services to help strengthen your turf. Our fertilizer experts can formulate the best program to address specific deficiencies and build up density to ensure you have a healthy lawn you can be proud of.

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Why Choose Lawn Fertilization with a TruGreen Service Plan?

Fertilizers are a part of what makes your lawn flourish. At TruGreen, our lawn care fertilizer service works alongside other services that can bring out a thick, healthy space. What sets TruGreen apart are our tailored plans designed to give your lawn the best and most specific care from our team of experts. Our specialists apply fertilizer in precise amounts to foster the optimal health of your lawn. Choose from different plans that include a range of services to meet your lawn’s distinct needs.

Visual results in 7 to10 Days

Creating and maintaining a healthy lawn during this season-long program is a partnership. The most successful results are achieved when the customers are equally committed to good maintenance practices, like watering and mowing your lawn. With the right care customers may see a deeper green grass coloring and increased growth within 7 to 10 days—sometimes sooner.

Tailored Programs

Your turf may have specific needs that have to be met when fertilizing. TruGreen’s lawn fertilizer program experts build personalized plans for your space depending on soil and grass types, and our turf fertilizer services are season-long programs. In order to keep your space healthy, we know how to work under changing environmental conditions. In the event of unusual weather, we will modify your lawn care fertilizer service. Plus, there’s no need to worry about neighborhood ordinances, as we are well experienced with adhering to changing local regulations. TruGreen works with you to create a positive lawn experience.

At TruGreen, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to lawn care. With a range of formulations, we ensure that your fertilization plan matches your unique lawn needs. We have a wide variety of fertilizers that can be applied to specific lawns in certain seasons, to give your lawn the precise nutrients it needs, when it needs it.

Cutting Edge Research

Lawn care is important to us and we feel it is essential for your services to be built around today’s most innovative research and products on the market. That's why at TruGreen, we use science to guide our decisions by partnering with suppliers and university scientists to bring cutting-edge research to our customer's lawn care.

Additional Lawn Care Plans and Packages Tailored to Help Promote a Healthy Lawn

At TruGreen, we believe that a healthy lawn and landscape comes from addressing all of its demands. Start your lawn care with our fertilization and weed control plan to build the foundations of a healthy lawn, but it doesn’t stop there. Our range of plans address important components such as soil health, aeration and overseeding, lawn damaging insects, and other lawn care services. Whether you’re looking to ensure your lawn has its essential nutrients or you are looking for a full service solution, our lawn care plans and outdoor services provide you with everything you need to create a strong, healthy lawn.

TruHealth - This plan provides the essentials for complete lawn protection, including tailored property treatment for either improved soil health or defense against turf damaging insects to encourage the luscious green grass that you’ve been waiting to show off.

TruComplete - Make sure your green space is healthy all year round. Our comprehensive plan provides essential nutrients, protection, lawn aeration, and overseeding for cool-season lawns.

TruSignature - If you’re looking for an all-encompassing package, treat your lawn to our most complete plan. The additional tree and shrub care add to your outdoor ecosystem, making your outdoor area worth living in.

It may be tempting to take fertilizing your lawn into your own hands but, TruGreen has your lawn in mind for every plan, whether it’s expert fertilization services to complete lawn care. Each plan provides an annual lawn care solution that can save time and money. Our lawn care programs offer efficiency and guaranteed customer satisfaction, helping you achieve a lawn you can be proud of.


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