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Lawn Disease Service

Never let your dreams of a lush, healthy green lawn be dashed by discolored patches of grass.

Luscious, green grass is a labor of love. With TruGreen’s specialized lawn care plans, we give it the nutrients it needs to thrive and checks to help it stay that way. Lawn disease issues like lawn fungus, are not uncommon and many can be controlled through proper watering and mowing practices. But with so many types of lawn and turf grass diseases out there, it’s really important to get the diagnosis and treatment right. So, why not let our lawn experts take away the stress and guesswork, so you can enjoy a lush, healthy green lawn all year long?

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Why Choose Lawn Disease Service with TruGreen

One of the best ways to manage lawn diseases and fungus is to prevent it from happening in the first place. That’s why it is important to have a full service lawn plan along with any recommended specialized services to make your lawn as strong as possible, so it can withstand stresses from lawn disease and fungus. Not only do we assess your grass’s unique needs, but offer you advice and recommendations along with properly timed applications to help it stay healthy throughout the seasons.

Some types of lawn disease may need extra care. If that’s the case, one of our lawn care experts will be happy to assess your lawn and give our best recommendations for a tailored solution.

Expert Diagnosis and Treatment

One of the most important steps when you spot potential lawn fungus or disease is diagnosing the problem correctly. There are many reasons why lawns become discolored, and an improper diagnosis can allow the problem to persist and likely cause more damage. For example, proper treatment for red thread lawn disease is very different from the treatment for grub damage. Our trained specialists know how to spot the problem, what to prescribe as the right solution or treatment, and can recommend a range of additional tailored lawn care services to further improve the health and appearance of your lawn.

Expert Lawn Disease Care and Control

Most lawn fungus and diseases can be alleviated over time with proper watering, mowing, and fertilization, but some cases may require a fungicide treatment. With years of experience under our belt, we will offer an expert recommendation based on the severity of the situation and type of lawn disease. In addition to that, we’ll leave you with the guidance you need to continue promoting healthy grass.

Products Tailored to Suit Every Lawn Situation

We want the best for your lawn. This is why we use high-quality, professional-grade products. In fact, when it comes to treatment of lawn disease, our specialists are trained in diagnosing lawn diseases, selecting the correct formulation and calibrating their equipment to deliver the exact amount of product that’s needed to achieve the best results for your lawn.


Additional Lawn Care Plans and Packages Tailored to Help Promote a Healthy Lawn

Lawn disease control involves promoting the overall health of your lawn. That’s why with our most effective lawn care packages, we assess your unique needs, then offer continuous care for a lawn that flourishes over time. Whether you’re looking to simply treat your lawn with essential nutrients, or thicken up your lawn with aeration and overseeding, our lawn care plans and outdoor services have something for everyone.

TruHealth - This plan provides the essentials for complete protection. We’ll provide tailored lawn treatment with protection against insects, essential nutrients and balanced soil for a green, healthy lawn you won’t want to leave.

TruComplete - This is our most comprehensive lawn plan, bringing you all the essentials and more. Whether you need essential nutrients, protection against insects, soil amendments or lawn aeration, we’ve got you covered. You’ll have everything you need to live more life outside.

TruSignature - Looking for a plan that covers your entire lawn and landscape? TruSignature offers complete care for your lawn, plus trees and shrubs. You can guarantee your entire landscape gets the care it needs, with an ecosystem that works together for an outdoor living space you can be proud of.

From basic weed control and fertilization to insect and disease control, TruGreen has a plan for every lawn and landscape. Our bundles provide an affordable all-in-one solution that saves you time and money, and offers around the clock expert care for every season. With guaranteed customer satisfaction, we’re confident you’ll have a lawn you love in no time.


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