Overseeding Lawn Care Services

Restore bare spots, thinning turf or patchy grass.

If your turf experiences drought, insect damage or disease, or even if it just gets a lot of use, weak spots of grass are almost inevitable. Overseeding—spreading new grass seed over existing turf—is a great way to improve the density of your lawn and enhance its color. Then you’ll be out on your lawn again in no time.

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What to expect


Your lawn specialist will perform a detailed inspection of your lawn’s thinning spots


Based on your grass type, we’ll recommend either a fall or spring treatment


Your specialist will leave a service summary with you or at your front door


Is spread in different directions for even coverage


Once seed germinates, seedlings must be kept moist with light, frequent watering until they are established


As new turf fills in, weeds are choked out, leaving you with a healthier, greener lawn

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