Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control Services

Help protect your family, pets and guests from bites and stings.

When the weather starts to heat up, so does fire ant activity. That’s why TruGreen offers two different ways of controlling fire ants: broadcast treatments that cover your entire yard or targeted mound treatments applied near specific ant hills. So you can take back your yard from these stinging pests and live more life outside.

What to expect


Your lawn specialist will evaluate fire ant activity in your lawn and recommend a method of control


If your specialist recommends a broadcast application, we’ll apply a (pet- and family-safe) granular bait product over your entire yard, which offers protection for up to one year


Worker ants gather the bait and take it back to the mound and queen


Worker ants will be unable to establish new mounds in your lawn


If your specialist recommends a mound treatment, granulated bait is placed near high-visibility mounds

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