Prepare to #LiveLifeOutside in Peace: Help Protect Your Yard With TruGreen Mosquito Defense

By TruGreen February 9, 2017
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Learn how TruGreen® can help you banish those bloodsuckers!  

<p>Stop mosquitoes from ruining your time spent outside</p>

While it might seem early to start thinking about battling insects, as the weather warms up you’ll quickly be reminded of your pesky backyard invaders. Get ahead of those bloodsuckers and call TruGreen. This year, we’re offering a new product: TruGreen Mosquito Defense.

Benefits of TruGreen Mosquito Defense

Why call TruGreen when you could try an at-home remedy? By calling your TruGreen specialist you’ll receive:

  • Targeted control: Monthly applications using specialized equipment targets mosquitoes where they live
  • No more cans of repellent: Spray your yard, not your kids
  • TruGreen expertise: Professionally trained specialists use an innovative mosquito control formula
  • Added protection: Helps protect against biting mosquitoes that can transmit Zika, West Nile Virus, and other harmful diseases.

And unlike other pest-fighting tactics, TruGreen Mosquito Defense comes with a guarantee. We’ll gladly perform a FREE reservice on any full mosquito plan any time you see biting mosquitoes between treatments.

When to call

Treating early in the season can help to get ahead of mosquito populations. But, if you choose to wait until you just can’t take them anymore, do know that TruGreen Mosquito Defense will eradicate the mosquito population in your yard within 24 hours of the first application. And we’ll keep coming out to help keep the bloodsuckers away for good. 

Call us at 800.464.0171 to learn more or to schedule your first application.

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