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Introducing Perimeter Pest

By TruGreen July 31, 2020
Home featuring areas treated by Perimeter Pest service

Introducing Perimeter Pest

Imagine sitting down for a delicious dinner with your family. The weather is beautiful, so you crack open the windows to enjoy the breeze. For a moment, it’s peaceful. That is, until you spot a colony of ants making their way to your meal. Pests invading our homes is a common summer gripe. Luckily, our new Perimeter Pest Control treatment targets these unwanted visitors outside, so they don’t become a problem inside. TruGreen is now a one-stop shop for all of your outdoor living needs. From keeping your lawn healthy, to now, keeping annoying pests away from your home, both inside and out.

What is Perimeter Pest?

They say the best offense is a good defense. In the same way, rather than having to control pests after they show up in your home, Perimeter Pest helps prevent them from entering in the first place. TruGreen specialists with localized knowledge and science-backed training guard your home against pests by: 

1. Removing wasp combs, spiderwebs, cobwebs and debris around your home’s exterior
2. Applying a granular treatment barrier around your home, about 5 feet from the perimeter
3. Applying a liquid treatment barrier at the foot of your home’s exterior and other entry points, such as windows

What Pests Does Perimeter Pest Treat?

Insects are a part of a healthy ecosystem in your backyard. But there are some insects that live up to the label of “pests.” We target these specific insects outside your home, so they don’t become a problem inside your home. Perimeter Pest targets the following bugs: 

1. Ants 
2. Boxelder Bugs
3. Centipedes
4. Roaches
5. Earwigs
6. Kudzu Bugs
7. Lady Beetle
8. Millipedes
9. Mud Daubers
10. Stink Bugs
11. Paper Wasps
12. Scorpions
13. Snow Bugs
14. Spiders

While this treatment covers most of the common problem pests, this treatment does not prevent bedbugs, bees, fleas, German cockroaches, hornets, pharaoh ants, rodents, ticks or wood-destroying organisms, including termites.

Pest Control Backed by Science

Like all other TruGreen services, Perimeter Pest is backed by science and industry expertise. “The addition of Perimeter Pest to our Pest Defense Program reinforces our commitment to best serve our customers,” says Johanna Metz, Senior Director of Product Management at TruGreen. “Perimeter Pest targets the outside of the home to help prevent unwanted pests from making their way inside, and helps customers and their families enjoy more quality time pest-free.”

Perimeter Pest is the latest offering in TruGreen’s Pest Defense Program, a suite of services aimed at controlling unwanted pests. With this launch, TruGreen seeks to further enhance the customer experience by serving as a one-stop-shop for lawn and pest services.

“At TruGreen, we pride ourselves on helping our customers create an outdoor space they can be proud of,” says Anthony Conversa, Chief Growth Officer at TruGreen. “Our comprehensive lawn, tree, shrub and pest services — rooted in scientific research and expertise — provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes with a comfortable outdoor space with the ease of working with one service provider to get the job done.”

Available in select markets across the nation, Perimeter Pest consists of four seasonal exterior treatments applied by TruGreen specialists. The treatments last 60-90 days and are applied to the house’s perimeter with no need for TruGreen specialists to treat the inside of the home.

This new product offering will be available in 72 branches spanning several states across the country, including Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

Get a quote for TruGreen’s Perimeter Pest Control here to help protect your home from those unwanted pests.


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