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TruShieldSM Flea and Tick Control

Having a lawn that's free of fleas and ticks is one of the best ways to live more life outside. But these pests can be more than just an annoyance. They can transmit diseases and cause allergic reactions in both people and pets. TruShield Lawn Pest Control can greatly reduce your exposure to fleas, ticks and pest-associated diseases.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that you consider using a professional pesticide company to help reduce your exposure to these threats. That’s why TruShield is designed to help eliminate active fleas and ticks and combat new eggs as they continue to hatch.


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TruShield Lawn Pest Control can significantly reduce the number of pests in your yard.

Services include:
  • A plan tailored to your needs: Your trained specialist will determine a treatment method based on conditions specific to your lawn, like vegetation or pets
  • Elimination of current pests: Your first application reduces the population of active fleas and ticks
  • Ongoing protection: Five additional applications help control hatching eggs throughout the year
Total coverage for your lawn or landscape

TruShield Lawn Pest Control is the perfect complement to any TruGreen service. When paired with a lawn or tree and shrub plan, you’re protected against lawn- or tree-damaging insects, plus pests that can harm you, your family and your pets.

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