treatments for spiraling whitefly

Treatments for Spiraling Whitefly

The Spiraling Whitefly may currently be infesting your area and can cause significant damage to a large number of palms, trees and shrubs. To combat these pests, your TruGreen Tree & Shrub specialist will perform either trunk injections or drenches, depending on the type of plant affected. This solution will give you long-term control and help give your plants the best protection.

Signs of infestation

  • A white, waxy material on your plants’ leaves
  • Sooty, black mold on your plants, cars, sidewalks or home
  • White eggs in a spiral pattern on the underside of leaves

If you see any of these signs, call now for a FREE No-Obligation Property Inspection:

Evidence of Spiraling Whitefly on leaves

Evidence of Spiraling Whitefly on leaves

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