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Plant This Now: Jalapeño Peppers

Pepper in some heat to your garden by planting jalapeños! You can grow these spicy chili peppers from seed in your own backyard or from a transplant.

Plant This Now: Bonsai Tree

Bonsai is the art of training a dwarfed tree into an artistic shape. These living works of art can be planted both indoor and outdoor, depending on the climate where you live and the species of bonsai tree.

Plant This Now: Bougainvillea

In warm winter climates, bougainvillea bring a brilliant burst of color throughout the year. Plant this tropical vine in your back garden.

How to Plant Spring Bulbs | TruFacts

Learn how and when to plant spring bulbs in order to add some beautiful curb appeal to your home and give you garden some inspiration. And for those who may have missed the chance to plant bulbs in fall, it may not be too late!

#plantthisnow #trufacts

Roses | TruFacts

Learn how and when to plant roses in order to add some curb appeal to your yard and give you garden some love. And don't forget that they are a great Valentine's Day gift!

#plantthisnow #trufacts

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