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Crabgrass | crabgrass control | TruGreen

Crabgrass is a common weed that infests lawns all around the country. It's a summer annual weed with tremendous capabilities to survive and reproduce. Getting rid of crabgrass completely can be extremely difficult. Dealing with crabgrass and other annual weeds boils down to two strategies that each may be necessary to achieve maximum effectiveness. Watch this video to learn about how crabgrass can best be treated and what the proper applications are for your lawn.
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Mowing tips | lawn mowing | TruGreen

There's a lot of work that goes into proper lawn maintenance. When it comes to properly mowing your lawn and growing that lush, green grass that every homeowner desires, there are many factors to consider. Your climate, grass type and weather conditions are just a few examples. Mowing your lawn improperly can lead to unevenly cut turf, shredded blades of grass, brown spots, or off-color turf. Watch this video for mowing tips and techniques that will help you achieve maximum results.
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TruGreen | customer testimonial

We take pride in delivering superior results to our customers. Watch this video to see what this satisfied TruGreen lawn owner has to say.

TruGreen Advantedge Training Academy

All TruGreen specialists are required to attend TruGreen's Advantedge Training Academy to learn the basics and fundamentals to provide the best service and produce the best results for customers. PhD-­certified specialists teach new hires how to perform healthy lawn analyses, how to tailor plans for different regions and focus heavily on customer service. This centralized training makes sure every TruGreen specialist is armed with the knowledge and ability to provide TruGreen customers with the best service possible to provide a healthy lawn they'll love.
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Lawn Mowing Tips

We know you want to have the best looking lawn on the block. Follow these helpful mowing tips to make sure the grass is greener on your side.

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