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Your TruGreen tree & shrub plan: what to expect

We're excited that you've chosen TruGreen as your partner when it comes to landscape care. This video will help explain what you can expect from your tailored Tree and Shrub Care Plan. And don't forget, with TruGreen's Tree and Shrub Guarantee, we'll make any necessary adjustments between scheduled visits to ensure your satisfaction. Customer support is available online at or by calling 1-800-TRUGREEN. You can also visit our learning center online at for expert lawn care tips and to learn more about what to expect from your TruGreen services. 
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Home Curb Appeal Tips

Looking to make your home more appealing? Here are 5 easy things you can do to make sure you have the prettiest lawn on the block.

How do i get green grass?

Homeowners frequently ask, how do I get green grass? While there's no single answer to that question, there are several steps a homeowner can take to create a healthy, green lawn. However, how do I get green grass is a question that requires the consideration of a variety of factors. Things like fertilization, weed control, and proper watering are all factors to consider when it comes to growing lush, green grass. Let TruGreen® help you answer that question by performing a Healthy Lawn Analysis® to determine the specific needs of your lawn. From there, they'll recommend a plan that will result in a lawn you can love.

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A Winning Infield Turf at DAYTONA

"If the grass isn't green, Daytona doesn't look as appealing a destination."  A NASCAR race at Daytona is a year in the making and so is caring for the infield at Daytona International Speedway.  Watch how TruGreen helps prepare a winning experience by maintaining the infield turf.

Lawn treatment | what lawn treatment best suits your needs

There are a number of reasons why a homeowner may consider getting some sort of lawn treatment or lawn treatment service. Maybe there are brown spots in the lawn, or grass that appears to be dying in certain areas. Well, there are a variety of things that can damage a lawn and that would require lawn treatment. Lawn damaging insects such as grubs, chinch bugs or armyworms could be invading the lawn. Dollar spot, a disease caused by a fungus that lurks in the crowns and roots of infected plants during their dormant season, could be taking over. These are just a few of the conditions that might require a special lawn treatment, and are many others to consider as well.
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