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TruGreenGives with a TruPurpose

What does it mean to be a good neighbor? It means being committed to the communities that we serve. With #TruGreenGives, we take on projects that make a real difference and help inspire the world to #livelifeoutside.

Learn more about our values at

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TruStories with Sean Jones

TruGreen believes that as a company, it is only as strong as its people.  

Watch the true story of how TruGreen employee Sean Jones stopped and helped a bus full of children during a mechanical breakdown in extreme heat conditions.

DIY Water Fountain

We partnered with Sarah Rhodes to show you how to welcome your guests with a little bit of calm by building this small, easy fountain!

Lawn fertilizing | how to maintain a healthy, green lawn

Providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs through proper lawn fertilizing is crucial to having a healthy, green lawn. Just like people, your lawn needs food to grow and thrive. But also like people, your lawn needs the right kind of food and in the right proportions. Nitrogen makes grass plants grow and become greener; phosphorus stimulates root and seedling development; and potassium promotes tolerance against disease and drought. It's important to know what the best lawn fertilizing mix is for your lawn. The experts at TruGreen® will come to your home and perform a Healthy Lawn Analysis® to determine exactly what nutrients your lawn may be missing.
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Lawn maintenance | how to maintain a healthy, green lawn

Lawn maintenance is important for growing a healthy, green lawn. Like anything worth investing in, effective lawn maintenance requires careful planning and a routine schedule to ensure success. The best lawn maintenance plan includes tailored treatments at the right time of year, each with a different end goal. Since its founding in 1929, TruGreen® has studied and mastered the art and science of lawn maintenance. The experts at TruGreen have one goal in mind: helping you to grow a lawn you'll love.
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