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Spring Trends and Lawn Lifestyles: National Survey

Spring Trends

Spring is here. The season of renewal is accompanied by increased hope generated by healthy springtime lawns, according to TruGreen's Lawn Lifestyles National Survey.* The majority (69 percent) of Americans surveyed report that seeing a green lawn in springtime makes me feel hopeful. In fact, the bigger the family, especially with teens in the household, the more hopeful the green lawns of spring make people feel. Check out the astonishing survey results including other spring trends and lawn lifestyles.


Fighting Drought: 10 Ideas for Helping Your Lawn Stay Healthy (Infographic)

fighting drought

Keeping your lawn healthy and fighting drought can be tough. However, knowing some very important steps to take when fighting drought can help you maintain a vibrant, lush lawn. TruGreen provides some helpful ideas for fighting drought, from proper grass mowing to watering tips and more. Achieving the best results when fighting drought can always be challenging due to various weather conditions and grass types. TruGreen has PhD-certified specialists with years of experience and science-based solutions that can help you keep your lawn healthy through all types of conditions.


Mulch Ado About Nothing

In honor of one of my favorite holidays (Arbor Day, obviously) and one of my favorite yard components (trees), I proudly present... my guide for proper mulching. Enjoy!  – Mr. Yardley, Official TruGreen Everyman Spokesperson


Worried About Insects in Your Yard?

10 cities that are most worried about pests

Americans in cities across the nation may not be the only ones enjoying a bite during their backyard barbecues this summer. 

After surveying thousands of customers, we discovered the following 10 cities are worried the most about mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, ants and other creepy, crawly and sometimes dangerous pests interrupting their time outside.


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