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How to Plan an Outdoor Party

Lawn Party

What better way to enjoy your beautiful backyard than to host an outdoor party? These simple steps will help ensure a good time is had by all, from tidying the backyard to making sure guests are comfortable and preventing insects. A healthy, green lawn that is ready to be showcased can also complement any outdoor party. If your lawn needs work, set up a Healthy Lawn Analysis performed by a TruGreen PhD-certified specialist. The lawn specialist will evaluate your climate, soil condition, grass type, and lawn usage to determine your lawn's specific needs. For more information call 866.688.6722 to speak with the experts today.


How Do You Like Your Hot Dog?

hot dog

According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans consume an estimated twenty billion hot dogs each year. That's a lot of hot dogs! And, the fascinating part is that people prefer their hot dog differently, depending on where they live. From Portland, Maine's Red Snapper to Pacific Northwest's Seattle-Style, see where you fall in this multitude of hot dog styles. TruGreen wants you to have options, from hot dog selection to lawn care options. Is your backyard ready for a hot dog party? For expert lawn care tips, contact one of the most experienced lawn care companies around at 866.688.6722.


Facts about trees

Facts about trees

Did you know that strategically placing trees around a building might cut cooling costs by 20 to 50 percent? Or that a yard featuring healthy, mature trees potentially increases the value of your house by 10 percent? There are so many interesting facts about trees that can not only help you better understand how trees benefit you and your home, but that also explain the importance of trees to the environment. Getting to know facts about trees can also help you to improve the condition of your landscaping and increase curb appeal. The certified specialists at TruGreen can help you learn the proper steps to take care of your trees and shrubs and your lawn. To learn more about the importance of having beautiful, healthy trees, call the experts at TruGreen today at 866.688.6722.


Outdoor Activities for Kids

outdoor activities

Getting creative with outdoor activities for kids can lead to valuable learning experiences for children of all ages. Time spent participating in outdoor activities can lead to a range of benefits, both physical and mental. TruGreen provides fun and creative ideas for outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. TruGreen can also help you keep your lawn in top condition so that it's easy to get your kids motivated to spend time participating in outdoor activities. The lawn care experts at TruGreen understand the complexities of proper lawn maintenance to attain a lawn you and your kids will love to spend time on. For lawn care tips, or for more information on how to maintain a healthy, green lawn for all of your outdoor activities year round, contact TruGreen today at 866.688.6722.


10 ideas to re-use leaves


Don't let falling leaves littering your lawn frustrate you. Instead, get creative with these 10 fun ideas to re-use leaves. Leaves can be used in so many ways, from indoor decorating to arts and crafts with the kids, and more. From colorful autumn leaves to dried out winter leaves, these fun and crafty ideas can bring joy to the whole family and add a nice touch to your home decor. Want to also learn how to make your yard a lawn you love? Trust no one but the best lawn service experts at TruGreen. To learn more about how to make your lawn thrive through all seasons, call 866.688.6722 today.


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