Spring Trends and Lawn Lifestyles: National Survey

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Spring is here. The season of renewal is accompanied by increased hope generated by healthy springtime lawns, according to TruGreen's Lawn Lifestyles National Survey.* The majority (69 percent) of Americans surveyed report that seeing a green lawn in springtime makes me feel hopeful. In fact, the bigger the family, especially with teens in the household, the more hopeful the green lawns of spring make people feel. Check out the astonishing survey results including other spring trends and lawn lifestyles.

http://www.trugreen.com/TruGreen/media/Images/content/2362_Spring-Trends-Lawn-Lifestyles.jpg http://www.trugreen.com/learning-center/infographics/lawn-and-lifestyle/spring-trends-and-lawn-lifestyles
Spring Trends

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