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Roundleaf Spurge

Chamaesyce cordifolia

Roundleaf Spurge is a warm-season annual broadleaf weed that is also referred to as Heartleaf Sandmat and its scientific name, Chamaesyce cordifolia.


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Roundleaf Spurge grows in thick, ground-hugging mats and can be identified by its many branched, smooth stems, which feature a milky sap. The leaves have lopsided, heart-shaped bases and grow opposite from each other on the stems. In bloom, Roundleaf Spurge produces pinkish to white-colored flowers, and the capsules are smooth, three-lobed and seeded. Roundleaf Spurge usually flowers in mid- to late summer.

Life Cycle

This broadleaf weed can be found in open sandy areas and dunes and also thrives in disturbed areas, including lawns and gardens. It typically grows in the southeastern part of the United States but can be found as far west as Texas.

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Chamaesyce cordifoliacan grow and reproduce rapidly, making it rather difficult to control. Cultural methods—including physical removal and good watering and mowing practices—can be effective when the weed is still young, though hand-pulling the weed can be time-consuming.

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