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Prickly Lettuce

Lactuca serriola

Prickly Lettuce is a winter annual broadleaf weed that is also known by its scientific name, Lactuca serriola.


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Leaves of Prickly Lettuce are arranged alternately and can grow from 2 to 14 inches long. These leaves can be lobed or unlobed and are egg-shaped. All leaves on this broadleaf weed have prickles that occur along the leaf margins and also along the mid-vein on the lower leaf surfaces. The leaves emit a milky sap when cut, and the root structure is a taproot.

Life Cycle

This broadleaf weed is found throughout the United States.

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Cultural controls include digging up or pulling and removing all Prickly Lettuce plant parts from the affected area when the ground is moist. TruGreen® uses a selective systemic broadleaf weed killer program to fight Lactuca serriola in your lawn, which ensures the product moves throughout the weed, controlling it completely, root and all.

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