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Lawn Burweed

Soliva sessilis

Lawn burweed is a low-growing winter annual broadleaf weed that is also known by its scientific name, Soliva sessilis.


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The low-growing nature of this broadleaf weed leads to its mat-forming nature. Lawn Burweed leaves grow opposite one another and are sparsely hairy. Although this plant produces flowers that are small and inconspicuous, its fruits cluster in leaf axils and have sharp spines. This sharp, burlike fruit can puncture skin and injure people or pets.

Life Cycle

This broadleaf weed is found throughout the United States in the South and into Texas and California.

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Unfortunately, cultural weed control practices, such as proper mowing, won't substantially affect Soliva sessilis populations in your lawn. TruGreen® uses a selective systemic broadleaf weed killer program to fight Lawn Burweed n your lawn, which ensures the product moves throughout the weed, controlling it completely, root and all.

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