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Coat Buttons

Tridax procumbens

Coat Buttons is a perennial broadleaf weed that is also sometimes referred to as Mexican Daisy or by its scientific name, Tridax procumbens.


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Coat Buttons is a hairy broadleaf weed that forms from a taproot. Its stems typically grow laterally but can also grow vertically. The leaves grow opposite each other and are serrated and hairy with short petioles. In bloom, Coat Buttons produces white or yellowish flowers in the heads, which form on long stalks at the tips of stems and branches. Reproduction occurs by seeds.

Life Cycle

This broadleaf weed is commonly found in fields, meadows, lawns, gardens, disturbed areas and along railroads and roadsides. Coat Buttons prefers a subtropical climate and can be found in Florida, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

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Controlling Tridax procumbens is tough when relying solely on cultural weed control methods. Although weed-pulling and proper mowing and watering techniques can help strengthen your lawn’s natural defenses against broadleaf weeds, professionally applied herbicides are the only way to ensure complete removal.

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