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Bushy Buttonweed

Spermacoce assurgens

Bushy Buttonweed is an annual broadleaf weed that is also commonly known as Woodland False Buttonweed or by its scientific name, Spermacoce assurgens.


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Bushy Buttonweed can be identified by its multibranched stems. The veiny leaves of this broadleaf weed grow opposite of one another and taper to a sharp tip and a sharp base with a short petiole. White flowers appear in clusters at the upper nodes. Bushy Buttonweed reproduces through seeds and is often confused with Virginia Buttonweed.

Life Cycle

This broadleaf weed is most commonly found in the southern Unites States. It thrives in moist, open woods but can also be found in disturbed areas, such as lawns and landscaping.

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Bushy Buttonweed is easier to control via cultural methods than Virginia Buttonweed. However, close mowing is generally not recommended or guaranteed to prevent this invader from thriving in your lawn and landscaping. Because Bushy Buttonweed grows in bunches and thrives in turf grass, systemic weed control methods are most effective.

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