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Weed Control Service

Keeping weeds at bay, the TruGreen way.

TruGreen specialists are trained to know everything about weed control and weeds—including those that are most prevalent in your area. There are two main types of weeds that pose a threat to your property:

  • Perennial weeds are resilient and can live longer than two years. They can reappear even after repeated attempts to eliminate them because their storage organs, located at or below the surface of the soil, make it easy for them to not only reproduce quickly, but also survive adverse weather conditions.
  • Annual weeds have a life cycle that lasts only for one season; however, because they tend to germinate and come out at times of the year when pre-emergent weed control is not active, they can also be very difficult to control.

With more than 40 years of research and development, plus a nationwide network of more than 25,000 lawn care professionals, no other lawn care company can match our experience, cutting-edge products or resources.

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